Fashion Solitaire
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Fashion Solitaire

A solitaire game with fashion-based visuals
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Match cards and create fashion presentations with standard solitaire mechanics. Select elements from the available deck and mix and match them to get the optimal results. Create and expand signature collections to compete in major leagues. The game supports custom outfit import from the Design Workshop.

Fashion Solitaire is an original solitaire with a fashion theme. In this game, the objective of the game is to dress nine models per round. To dress a model, you just pick up a card from the available ones and then click a model to dress her up with it. Each model must wear a top, a bottom, shoes, you have also to select a hairstyle. Once you finish with one, you press the DONE button to continue with the next one. The thing here is that you cannot dress them the way you want. You must meet the required model goals that appear in a word bubble above each model's head. They generally have to do with the color of the clothes. All the levels have a meter that tells you how many goals you have left to achieve. If there are cards that you don't want to use or that you want to use later, you can use the storage area to store cards. However, you only can store a few, so use it wisely. Also, If you want to remove clothing, you can click the undo button or swap clothing that is already in a model by dressing her with a garment of the same type.
What is more, the game offers some bonuses if you carry certain tasks specified in each level. Also, as you progress in the game more outfits will be added and you can also design your own. Unfortunately, the game only includes one, which is untimed and not really challenging.
Regarding the graphics, they're pretty good and detailed. I'm sure you will appreciate the great variety of styles, colors, designs, and fabrics. Sound effects are average and the music is nice but a bit repetitive.
In short, Fashion Solitaire is an original solitaire for girls in which you will have great fun dressing the models in totally different outfits.

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  • Original gameplay
  • Lots of types of clothes, colors, fabrics, etc
  • Great graphics
  • Very enjoyable and addictive
  • Good bonuses
  • Awesome design studio concept


  • Only one mode
  • Not really challenging


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